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Vox Nativa Introduction

Biography of Vox Nativa Choir

Performance in Japan 2014

2012 Christmas Card

Vox in 2013, Voice of Jade Mountain

Live a Whole Life by Bukut and YuFei Li

2015 Performance in Vienna’s St. Peter Church

Vox Nativa Sings for Patients and Hospital Angels

Trailor from Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above

Bukut and His Social Movement Dream

CTI TV on  Bunun Native Voice

More singing pieces from previous concerts

  1. Amazing Grace

  2. pakadaidaz  (Love each other)

  3. aiza tasa ahlu-ua (An ant)

  4. tankaun hanvang (Cow)

  5. pislahi (Hunting ritual)–40efA3zM

  6. There is a cradle called Taiwan

  7. Sky of Taipei

  8. A Little Dream

  9. We are singing for the Lord is our light

  10. Take these wings

  11. Amazing Grace

  12. The First Noel

  13. Higher Ground

  14. We are the world

  15. Tomorrow will be better

  16. 20140803 Japan Tour

  17. Take these wings

  18. Let the world hear the voices on Jade Mountain