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Click to view report (Banner)

In July 2013, Taiwan Vox Nativa Children’s Choir visited the United States for the first time in Northern and Southern California. With the support of many generous organizations and individuals, the journey was a huge success; The children attended and visited many events and locations in California and they were able to spread joy to their audiences in North America at the concerts.

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We would like to once again thank our gracious sponsors and supporters, enthusiastic audience members, host families of the children and concert volunteers. We encourage everyone to continue their generosity to support this amazing group. All sponsorships and donations will be listed on our website http://www.voxnativausa.org/sponsorship.

All profits will be collected, sent to Taiwan, and donated to Vox Nativa. Vox Nativa hopes to one day build a school to further continue the drive towards their vision: helping the aboriginal children achieve their goals and realize their dreams. We look forward to your love and support.

Taiwan Vox Nativa Education Association
Vox Nativa Northern California Coordinating Group
Vox Nativa Southern California Volunteer Group
Wisdom Culture and Education Organization

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  1. These kids were a joy to take around ATT Park today ( on a tour ), prior to their Friday night Giants game. There pre -game chant to the Giants players was my favorite part of our journey.

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